Burbridge Cemetery
The Burbridge Cemetery is located in Weld County Colorado, southwest of Platteville in the SE quarter of Section 32, Township 3N, Range 67 W. In 2006 when the
property surrounding the cemetery was sold, 5 acres of the property were excepted from the sale and reserved for use as a cemetery. A small portion of that 5 acres,
containing 5 standing headstones, has been set aside and fenced with barbed wire. According to a local resident, there may be as many as 300 graves on the site,
many originally had wooden grave markers that have long since been reclaimed by nature.

When this cemetery was read by members of the Weld County Genealogical Society in 1976, there were 5 headstones, only 4 of which were legible, and "six stones
with no evident markings....1 badly weathered and unreadable stone was also found" (Weld County, Colorado Tombstone Inscriptions, Volume 1, 1982, p1)

In May of 2009, Jim and Stephanie Hayward noted that the 5 headstones were still standing and some of the additional stones were either scattered on top of or
embedded in the ground with no identifiable gravesites near them. The area outside the fence has been tilled, and contains numerous flat stones that may have been
headstones at one time.

photography by Stephanie Hayward, May 2009