T.G. Macy Undertaking began in 1885 in
Greeley, Colorado. It eventually became known
as Macy/Allnutt and today is known as Allnutt
Funeral Service - Macy Chapel - Greeley

From its inception, funeral records were kept in
ledgers that still exist today. Susan Seager, with
the help of Margo Dempsey, Starr Jageler, and
Martha VanDriel, has produced the databases
found here; her goal is to transcribe and make
available the records from 1891 to 1930. This is
not an easy task; as you can see from the
photographs on this page some of the ledgers
have water damage as well as some
deterioration from age. In addition, the
handwriting has not only faded, but is not
always easy to decipher. Susan and her team of
helpers have done an amazing job of
transcribing and preserving these important

Available here are records transcribed from the
early ledgers; each ledger is a separate
database and each may be searched using the
pdf search feature supported by the user's
browser. Please note that the transcription
makes no attempt to correct spelling or other
possible errors in the ledgers, the data is
entered as it appears in the original. Additional
ledgers will be added as the transcriptions are

Copies of specific ledger pages may be obtained
by contacting Allnutt Funeral Service Macy
in Greeley and requesting the pages by
Name, ledger date, and page numbers. If a name
does not appear in the database, it is not in the
ledger or is not recognizable in the ledgers.
Please do not ask Allnutt Funeral Services to
search for additonal names.

As they become available, the Ledgers are also
indexed on the Weld County Genealogical
Society Master Index
; if you don't find the name
you are seeking, please check there for a
possible link to the correct ledger. If you are
seeking other information about individuals
mentioned in the database,resources for that
infomation may also be available on the Master

Allnutt Funeral Service - Macy Chapel Records
the ledgers:
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